Thoughts on Tuesday

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I don’t have anything earth shattering to write tonight, but I thought I would share something I have to remind myself constantly: it’s okay to turn your brain off sometimes.

If you’re like me, you over think things. I do this thing where I replay something I did, an interaction I had or something someone else said. I replay and overanalyze all of these things in my head.

Did they know I was kidding? 

What did they mean when they said that?

Well, that was awkward.

Sometimes I have to give myself a time out to remind myself to turn off the instant replay. I think it’s the writer in me, but I can be hard on myself.

Don’t over think it, I say to myself.

Nothing is worse than getting worked up over something that someone else forgot three minutes after it happened. Unless you’re John Travolta. Then everyone is still thinking about you calling Idina Menzel Adele Dazeem. Sorry, Mr. Travolta. Turn the instant replay reel off. Relax. Breathe. Give yourself a break. Hell, give yourself a pat on the back (okay, well a mental pat on the back).

You’re going to have award moments. You’re going to say and do things you wish you didn’t.

Try not to let that overwhelm you.

The take away:

If it’s stress you’re holding on to. 

Take deadlines as they come. Limit the amount of procrastinating you do if that will help you meet deadlines. If it’s something coming in the future you’re worried about, remind yourself just that – it’s in the future. You can’t worry about something that hasn’t happened yet.

If it’s embarrassment you’re holding on to. 

I say and do embarrassing things all the time. I sometimes let it get to me, but then I remember everyone else does this too. No use getting upset over something that already happened. It happened. accept that and move on.

If it’s frustration you’re holding on to


If you’re upset an individual, talk to that person. No use stewing over it in secrecy, letting the anger build while the subject of your frustration has no idea you’re feeling that way.



Here are some parting words from Tina Fey:

“You can’t be that kid standing at the top of a water slide, over thinking it. You have to go down the chute.”




Let it go, friends. Go down the water slide.



6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tuesday

  1. Such wisdom in this column. I recently read a list of things people regret when they are older. One of them was worrying too much. I’m now older, and I agree. However, I was happy to read that people regret worrying too much, which must mean we can worry a little, and that’s good because I do it so well.


  2. I’m guilty of over-thinking as well, dwelling on things too long. It feels good to focus on letting go of that, being more free and not worrying quite so much about everything.


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