Girl about town: revisited

It’s been more than one year since I shared some things I have learned since I moved from my hometown to a big city. I wish I could say that I’m an expert by now, but I am still learning.

Here’s a look at some of the other things I’ve learned along the way.

1)    It’s okay to do things alone

In the past two weeks I hiked at a state forest, visited a farmer’s market and went to the movies by myself. I’ve quickly learned that sometimes if you wait for someone to join, you might be waiting for a while especially with busy schedules. There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, wrong with doing something alone. I used to feel strange going to the movies alone; I was convinced that people were wondering why I was alone and then I realized I don’t care and neither does anyone else.

2)    Dating is not for the faint-hearted

After several less-than stellar first dates I have to ask, are these guys for real? Like, is there a hidden camera somewhere with a host about to jump out and say “Gotcha” because I’m not impressed. Did I ever tell you the one where the guy walks in with a  “shut up and make me a f*cking sandwich” T-shirt? Or how about the one where the guy shows up high and proceeds to eat a plate full of cheese fries? These are all things that have me screaming, no thanks.

3)    AAA is worth every penny

I have to drive around the state each month and in the last two months I have had to replace three tires. One of my tires blew out while I was driving and I had to pull over to a random side road and tell the operator that I was 15 miles outside the nearest town on such and such highway past some county road in an area surrounded by trees. I was genuinely surprised when they found me only 30 minutes later after that description.

4)    Adulting can be boring

I used to imagine post grad life as this glamorous and exciting thing that would be filled with non-stop activities, novel-writing and parties. And it can be. But a majority of the time is spent doing the small everyday activities like grabbing a cup of coffee, working, reading a new book, exercising and making dinner.

5)    Making friends after college is hard

No really. College is good atmosphere to make friends because you’re surrounded by people who have similar interests. After college you have to go out of your way to meet new people. Sometimes work is that place, but since a majority of my coworkers work out-of-state I quickly learned that I wouldn’t be grabbing happy hour drinks after work. I have learned that if I want to make quality friends I have to seek them out and participate in activities that I’m interested in, like a small group or volunteer effort.


3 thoughts on “Girl about town: revisited

  1. Making friends after college is soooo hard!! And because life is so busy, it’s so hard to find time for new-friend-dates to really get a good friendship going! I feel you so much on that one


  2. Fortunately I knew some people in the town I moved to after graduation and I’ve been able to meet new friends through them. But it is so much harder to do overall. I really had to push outside of my comfort zone to make it happen.


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