April showers bring…

I know, I know, flower photos are totally cliché right now and the saying April showers bring May flowers… fuggedaboutit. Even though I know these things I still couldn’t stop myself from sharing the beautiful colors. The only thing that could make this more cliché is if I was writing this while sipping on a seasonal latte…oh wait.

Enjoy the photos…or don’t. I won’t judge either way. 😉







Three(ish) ways to survive Monday

Monday is the day of the week with the worst reputation and I understand why. Here are a few things to make your day better and drag you out of your “Monday blues.”

1.)   Caffeine

For me it’s coffee. My daily coffee sometimes feels like the only reason I am able to stay awake when 3 p.m. hits. Obviously coffee is an acquired taste – try something else to jump start your morning. Exercising and breakfast are another way to get going on a Monday.

2.)    Conversation

Talk to your coworkers. Chances are they are just as unhappy to be working Monday morning as you are. Ask about their weekend and talk about yours. Talking with others will make your day less Monday-ish.

And if that fails….

3.)    Read this

25 things that will make you smile

or this

Moments that restored our faith in humanity this year 

or this

30 happiest facts of all time

(All from Buzzfeed.com).

The “I started to write a non-Valentine’s Day post, and it turned into a Valentine’s Day Post.”

I could be writing a blog about how Valentine’s Day is just a way for commercial outlets to make thousands of dollars.  I could be writing a post about being single on the must “coupley” day of the year.  Or I could be writing about all of the things to do and not do on Valentine’s Day.  I could also be writing about how last Valentine’s Day I  left the house (without realizing what day it was) in all black.  For a full day I received comments and questions about why I was wearing such depressing colors on a lovely day.

However, I’m not in the mood to be bitter, lonely, or angry about the day.  Instead I have just a little advice for the gentlemen out there as this day approaches.  I know your girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/wife/husband/mistress said that he/she didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a lie. You might be thinking to yourself  “____ (insert name) isn’t that type of person.  she wouldn’t want me to make a big deal on the day.” It’s a lie.  She does want you to do something.  Okay maybe not, a teddy bear the size of a ten year old, or a hallmark card with a cheesy greeting on it, but she does want something.  It doesn’t have to be jewelry (Although, I’m sure jewelry would be happily accepted), flowers and chocolate are one of the less expensive ways to show that you care on Valentine’s Day.  And if it’s one or the other, choose flowers.

I hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day, whether you have a hot date with your significant other or your couch and a good movie.  Just keep in mind that every girl wants something on Valentine’s Day, she just might be too nice to ask.  She might also want to be that badass girlfriend who is the badass girlfriend because she doesn’t ask for anything.  Save yourself from seeing disappointment (and ending up in the doghouse) and go buy some flowers.