Monday Mood

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Holiday weeks for journalists mean early deadlines and coffee with a side of stress. I will be back to blogging regularly soon. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday.

Happy holidays, friends.



April showers bring…

I know, I know, flower photos are totally cliché right now and the saying April showers bring May flowers… fuggedaboutit. Even though I know these things I still couldn’t stop myself from sharing the beautiful colors. The only thing that could make this more cliché is if I was writing this while sipping on a seasonal latte…oh wait.

Enjoy the photos…or don’t. I won’t judge either way. 😉






Monday ramblings


1.) I really, really enjoy Avicii’s new(ish) song, Wake Me Up. It’s on repeat.

“I tried carrying the weight of the world, but I only have two hands…I wish I could stay forever this young; not afraid to close my eyes. Life’s a game made for everyone and love is the prize.”

2.) Talking about dieting is annoying. I’m on weight watchers and think in points daily. I hear myself discussing points with other people and know how annoying it sounds. I’m just going to go ahead and apologize.

“I really want ice cream, but I don’t want to use the points.”

“God, I’m so hungry, but I used too many points for breakfast.”

3.) Dating is confusing. Not only is dating confusing, but there are several ways to miscommunicate. A text, phone call, email, Facebook chat, Tweet and Gmail chat could produce six separate comments/conversations. Therefore there are six ways something could be misinterpreted. Confused? My point, exactly.

4.) Reading a book allows you to try out thousands of careers, date hundreds of people and live in several different places without beginning a new job, breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend or packing up your apartment.

5.) My favorite part of Monday is midnight (Yes, I know that’s technically Tuesday) when I can check out iTunes and see what new songs, albums have been released.

Three(ish) ways to survive Monday

Monday is the day of the week with the worst reputation and I understand why. Here are a few things to make your day better and drag you out of your “Monday blues.”

1.)   Caffeine

For me it’s coffee. My daily coffee sometimes feels like the only reason I am able to stay awake when 3 p.m. hits. Obviously coffee is an acquired taste – try something else to jump start your morning. Exercising and breakfast are another way to get going on a Monday.

2.)    Conversation

Talk to your coworkers. Chances are they are just as unhappy to be working Monday morning as you are. Ask about their weekend and talk about yours. Talking with others will make your day less Monday-ish.

And if that fails….

3.)    Read this

25 things that will make you smile

or this

Moments that restored our faith in humanity this year 

or this

30 happiest facts of all time

(All from