To have New Year’s resolutions, or not, that is the question


This isn’t really a blog post about if people should or shouldn’t make New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a post about some observations I’ve made around the New Year. For some people, Jan. 1 is like catnip and causes a blissful hope to fill the air. For others, there is an annoyance surrounding the holiday.

For example, there is the “New Year, New Me” mindset where someone strives to make the year their best yet by meeting goals like losing weight, making or saving bank and making out with respectable people. This person is also likely to  mark off items on their bucket list: go on vacation…check….take a hot yoga class… eventually.

There is the “I’m making one resolution and that’s to not make resolutions” person. This person typically gets annoyed or even mad when people start making New Year’s Resolutions. This is usually served up with a side of ketchup and Facebook statuses that make fun of people with New Year’s resolutions. These people are simply not impressed with the hype.

There is also the “New Year, Same Me” person. This person tends to be very happy with who they are. Not in a bitter kind of way, just in a confident, nonchalant way. This person also tends be indifferent about the start of the New Year.

In the past I don’t remember making a New Year’s Resolution, but I don’ know if that’s because I didn’t make them or because I didn’t stick with them enough to remember them. This year, however, I did make a list of personal goals I hope to reach.

For example, I hope to spend less money, drink less cherry coke and write often. These are just a few items listed in my notebook. I’m currently participating in a 30-day squat challenge and a “no soda” January and would like to think I”m off to a good start.

Whatever your cup of tea is – maybe I should add not using this idiom to the list- I hope you have a wonderful year surrounded by loving friends and family.

Shine on, friends. xoxo



Simplify your year, life

Hope. Belief. Optimism. Resolution. New Beginning – New Year.

Each New Year we get the opportunity to begin again. To make resolutions, goals and follow through with them. No matter the year we’ve had, we get the chance to start over. Each year I make a goal to be healthy, work out more, be nice etc. This year I have one resolution – to simplify my life.

I have a habit of over-planning and stressing over the smallest issues. My New Year’s resolution is to stop worrying, to stop doing things I don’t want to do and to be kind to myself and others.

As creatures of habit usually New Year’s resolutions involve improving oneself. I respect that, but I challenge people to make an effort to do something kind for others this year. Being kind to others will result in a person being kind to his or herself.

Have a healthy, happy and kind year, everyone.

“Love, we need it now. Let’s hope for some.” -The Lumineers 

Lip Locked

McCarthy's kiss with NYPD officer New Year's Eve

After spending New Years Eve in an Indianapolis bar, I’ve come to realize that the ball drop is no joke.  Some people might be reminiscing about things that have happened the past twelve months. Some people might be making personal resolutions for the next twelve months. However, by the time that ball drops the more goal-oriented person, is looking for ways to enrich their self-preservation by partaking in the action that will bring them luck in the future: a kiss.

The way I see it (or the way I saw it Saturday night) there are five types of New Year’s Eve kisses.

1.) The desperate kiss.  This kiss is similar to a jungle cat hunting a gazelle in the Rain Forest that has stopped to graze.  A female or male can be see hunting the crowd when the countdown reaches the single digits until midnight, a short conversation can usually be heard, “Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?” If the answer is no, usually the person grabs the other person and plants one on them.   This kiss is for those that truly believe that their new year will not be successful without planting a wet one on someone else.

2.) The hopeful kiss.  This kiss is for those couples out there that are genuinely in “the sky is bright blue, the sun always shines, and the birds always chirp songs” love.  This kiss is what makes the couple hopeful for what they have coming in the following year and it makes those that witness it hopeful that they will have a kiss like it in the near future.

3.) The “short and to the point” kiss. This kiss is done in a classy and non-desperate way. It involves a peck on the lips and maybe a hand on the cheek and then straight back to the celebration around the bar.

4.)The “what shouldn’t be done in front of anyone, let alone a bar full of people” kiss.  Inappropriate is the simplest form of describing this kiss.  This kiss usually involves hands everywhere, maybe one leg (or two) wrapped around someone’s waste, along with a slight gyration motion. Too much alcohol and too little inhibition create this unfortunate pornographic make out session that people around the couple have to witness.

5.) The “How cute, now I remember why people kiss on New Year’s Eve” kiss.  This kiss is similar to Jenny McCarthy’s kiss with NYPD Officer Bekim Becaj when the ball dropped.  The kiss showed tradition and optimism in a great way

This is a scientifically inaccurate break down of the New Year’s Eve kiss.  It’s been proven in many leather bound books.  All jokes aside, I hope everyone had a great time whether they celebrated the New Year by going out or staying in and watching the ball drop on the television. May your new start bring happiness and success.

The art of letting your hair down

One of those extremely happy couples in love. Snapped this photograph during Spring Break this past year.

Before each New Year celebration I like to (along with the rest of the world) reflect. But before I do that I need you to do me a favor. Can you do that? Okay it takes three steps.  Step one: Inhale deeply and shut your eyes (eye shutting is optional). Step two: exhale slowly.  Step three: relax and smile.  See, that wasn’t so hard.  A lot of the time people get so wrapped up in what is happening in their life (myself included) that they forget to take a step back and enjoy it.   News Years seems like the appropriate time to do just that. Instead of reflecting solely on the things that have happened this last year, I like to think about everything I’m thankful for.  Although I kid around about everyone who is currently in love and display it lavishly during holiday seasons, (check out my seasonal boyfriend article)  I truly am surrounded by so much love from my friends and family.

This past year has been filled with many great experiences.  Indiana University men’s basketball team has been playing incredibly well and beat the number one basketball team, Kentucky.  Their current record is 12-1 after the lost against Michigan State yesterday.

 For the past twelve months I have had the pleasure of working at A Total Tan.  Although the business isn’t too glamorous (employers basically clean customer’s sweat off of tanning beds), it has given me the opportunity to meet several people who I never would have met otherwise.

I have recently moved out of the Dreamboat (named sarcastically after its sketchy location, landlord, and foundation) and into a new and improved house on the Bloomington campus.  The new house has had its flaws (two lounge chairs and a grill have been stolen from our porch), but it has proven to be an instant home for all of us.   For the past five months I have been living with four other girls.  Yes, it can be frustrating at times living with four other girls (Some don’t do their dishes or clean…EVER).  However, I laugh everyday and am able to go out to bars with these four girls and wear sweats and watch movies with these girls.

Okay, we don't usually dress up as nerds. I promise it was a themed occasion.

 I’ve attended several events on campus.  I’ve seen several concerts including Bloomington’s local band Main Squeeze, a jazz combo production put on by the Jacob school of Music, and during Little 500 last year, I went to a Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross concert that was amazing.  I’ve attended several sporting events including football, women’s basketball, men’s basketball, and swimming.

Many Tuesdays were spent with good friends, good food, and   good drinks at Ami restaurant for 30% off sushi followed by a stop at Kilroys on Kirkwood bar and grill for $2 Tuesday.  I also had the opportunity to take some pretty amazing classes taught by outstanding professors during the past year.  My favorite recent class was a sports writing class taught by The Indianapolis Star beat reporter, Terry Hutchens.  Hutchens came to class everyday and talked enthusiastically about one of the things I love: sports.

Lil Wayne wearing an Indiana University jacket during a performance in Assembly Hall.

All of these amazing occasions were made possible by my parents, who have loved and supported me through every step I have taken.  Of course, my mother still gets frustrated when I don’t balance my check book after every entry (or ever…bad habit, I know), and my father gets frustrated when I come home from college for holiday vacations and leave my items all over the house (I know I left my dirty clothes on the table, don’t you still wish I lived here, dad?).  My parents have financially supported me through college and when I talk about things I want to do after college, they tell me that no matter what they will help me make it happen.  My brother, has also helped me strive to be who I am (even if he doesn’t know it). My brother is stubborn and sometimes a pain and the ass, but he knows what he wants and has always gone after it. He took off four years ago for Wyoming, never previously been there, and became a fly fisherman guide on a ranch outside of Jackson.  I have always looked up to him and hope to emulate my brother’s desire to go after his dreams.

 As the New Year 2012 rolls around (insert something mundane and repetitive about the Earth’s status this year) I look forward to many more memories and experiences with my friends and family.  Through the busy pace and schedule of life it’s hard to stop and enjoy it.  Remember that every little thing that might cause a bump in the road isn’t the end up of the world it’s a time to be thankful for the people that surround you during that part of life.  Personally, one of my New Year’s resolution is to slow down and enjoy my last semester of college.  I hope the New Year brings you much happiness.  I’ll cheers to that.